About Us

Hey there!

Are you wondering what you have stumbled upon? Well, this is Live It Learn It’s blog! This is a space created with the intention of welcoming you to our world, and sparking dialogue among our staff, partner educators, teachers interested in experiential education, and the DC community in general.

As an experiential education organization, we have the privilege of working with sixteen elementary public schools in Washington, DC. This means that we get to visit over a hundred classrooms, twice a year, to facilitate units that take students to cultural and environmental institutions around DC, and establish deep connections that bridge the classroom with the world outside. Every day we learn new things from students and teachers alike, and for a long time we’ve been wanting to share our reflections and lessons from these experiences. That is why The LILI Pad came to life. It’s our contribution to strengthening our community and sparking conversations that will help us all grow as educators in our different fields.

Just as many of you have opened your classrooms to us, we want to open our world to you. In this space, we will be releasing a post every week. Each month will begin with a Monthly Theme piece, full of ideas on how to take advantage of the sites and events going on in the city. This will be followed by a Mini Lesson, which will use one of DC’s gems as an example of how experiential learning can bring the world into your classroom, and engage students in exploring, thinking deeply, and building connections between themselves and the world. Then there’ll be a Teaching Reflection, in which our staff explore themes that connect what we do here at Live It Learn It with important themes in the field of Education. Finally, we will have a Best Practices piece, in which  our experiential educators will take turns in reflecting on the lessons they have learned in the classroom and how they’ve shaped their current practices and understanding of their role as teachers.

With that said, we hope you subscribe to our blog, engage in conversation, and share us with those around you!

Happy reading,

The Live It Learn It Team