Partner Spotlight: David Hawkins, The Kreeger Museum

This post is part of our Destination Spotlight series, where our partners from various museums, monuments, and sites across the Washington, DC area reflect on their locations, career, and working with Live It Learn It.

David Hawkins, Head of Education at The Kreeger Museum.

In today’s post, we hear from David Hawkins. David is the Head of Education at The Kreeger Museum. He has been at the Museum for three years. 

LILI: Tell us about your experience working with LILI and its groups.

David: My favorite moments are when visiting students have completed the hands-on activity at the Museum… and the results have them absolutely bursting with pride. They want to tell you everything at once: what they did, how they did it, what they were thinking about, and what they are going to do next time. It is heartwarming (and affirming!) when our young visitors are so excited to share their creative vision.

Creativity strikes this 5th grader while mask making at The Kreeger Museum.

LILI: What are some tips you can offer teachers who want to plan a visit to your museum/space?

David: You’re in good hands with LILI. They have a lot of experience here at the Museum and do a careful job ensuring it’s an excellent experience for all. I suppose the only thing to mention is that if you’re a visiting teacher and you ever want to reach out directly – with questions/concerns/requests/whatever – we’re here and we’re more than happy to help.

LILI: What is your favorite piece of artwork at your site? Why?

David: One of my favorite paintings at The Kreeger Museum happens to be one of our most universally appreciated works: Arm of the Seine by Claude Monet. I enjoy the technical mastery, the narrative which surrounds the piece, and commitment to craft the piece demonstrates. I imagine Monet rising, strapping on his boots, and walking off into the early morning, before dawn, before the world wakes up, to silently pursue his craft.

Students are all smiles during the Hear Art, See Music program at The Kreeger Museum.

To learn more about educational offerings at The Kreeger Museum, visit the website here.

LILI: Tell us about other places you like to visit in the DC area.  

David: I like to go to the National Gallery of Art to look at the pictures. I love The River of Light by Frederic Edwin Church especially. I also like the National Arboretum; I like checking out all the cool trees and plants.

Mariel Smith

Mariel Smith is originally from outside of Baltimore and grew up visiting museums in Maryland and Washington, DC. Those early experiences gave her the strong belief that museums and historic sites are perfect places to learn, explore, and have fun. She has a B.A. in English literature from the University of Maryland and an M.A. in museum studies from New York University. Committed to sharing her passion for informal hands-on education, Mariel has worked in museums in Washington, DC and New York City, as well as abroad in London, England. She is proud to be a part of Live It Learn It where she can use her teaching experience and passion for learning to help students explore the wonderful history and resources DC has to offer. Outside of work Mariel loves to read, bake cookies, and watch Star Wars.

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