Meet the Authors


Ali Foley

Experiential Learning Educator

I adore the U.S. Botanic Garden. The horticulturalists do such a beautiful job curating a space that engages all the senses. I’m interested in Non-formal Education, Multicultural Education, and Equity & Access.


Amanda Fransham

Curriculum Content Specialist

I love the Kogod Courtyard’s wavy, structural roof, and magical sound-proofing with its regal and calm energy, that allows someone to hear themselves think in the middle of this bustling city. I’m interested in Non-Formal Education and Classroom Management.

Amara Thomas

Americorps Vista

One of my favorite places in DC is the National Portrait Gallery because each portrait tells a story. I’m interested in Community, Art, and Creative Writing.


Angelica Guerrero

Experiential Learning Educator

One of my favorite places in DC is the Freer/Sackler Museum. In its quietness, my mind feels free to wonder, and I can hear the art talk to me. I’m interested in DC as a classroom, Creative Thinking, and Teacher Empowerment.

Brannah Bibbs

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

My favorite place in DC is the U.S. Botanic Garden because it is so peaceful, and you feel like you are visiting different places without leaving the building. I’m interested in Community-Based Educational Opportunities and Student Support.

Justin Brown

Operations Coordinator

One of my favorite places in DC is the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, because I learn new things each and every visit. I’m interested in History, Government, and Inquiry-Based Instruction.

Lauren Hawley Peters

Senior Director of Programs

I love running along the Potomac River to Gravelly Point, a  perfect intersection of nature and metropolis where airplanes fly so close overhead, you can see the faces of passengers in the windows. I’m interested in Classroom Culture and Literacy.

Mariel Oquendo Smith

Manager of Programming and Communications

One of my favorite places is the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. It’s off of the beaten path and the home brings Douglass’ experiences, family, and accomplishments to life. I’m interested in DC as a classroom and increasing students’ self-efficacy.


Executive Director

One of my favorite places in DC is the National Mall – three miles of history, serenity, and beauty!  My educational interests are people development, social emotional learning, and education equity.