When Students Become Teachers

My favorite field trip I’ve been on is the one to the National Gallery of Art with Live It Learn It on February 13, 2018.  The reason why is because I was able to see my co-workers in action and I was able to meet the most wonderful children I’ve ever met. First, we started off by having them sit in a circle and talked to the kids about what they are supposed to do and what we would see during our visit . Then, every time we would go into a different exhibit, the kids would sit in a circle to talk about various paintings.

The students were learning about the elements of art focusing on geometric shapes, organic shapes, and warm and cool colors. During the visit, I was drawn to Frantisek Kupka’s painting Localization of Graphic Motifs because I found it very beautiful. I told my colleagues about the painting and they even let me teach the children about it!  I talked about the types of shapes in the painting, the warm and cool colors used, and the fish I thought I saw in the center.

My favorite part of the trip was taking pictures; capturing the Live It Learn It teachers and students in action. I’ve never been on a field trip like this before, where the children were well behaved and very engaged. I know when I was their age, I wasn’t that well behaved! I have also never taught third grade students before, so it was a new experience for me. They participated the whole time and followed all the rules. Every time we went in a different area; we would all sit on the floor in a circle and share our opinions about the paintings.

I also loved the end when the kids were coloring and they wanted me to sit with them and talk to them, because it made me feel like I wasn’t just one of their teachers. They were so excited when they were talking to me, and they wanted to know more about me. I thoroughly enjoyed this field trip because the kids were great, I was able to teach, and I captured my  co-workers in action.

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