Partner Spotlight: Caitlin Miller, The National Building Museum

This post is part of our Destination Spotlight series, where our partners from various museums, monuments, and sites across the Washington, DC area reflect on their locations, career, and working with Live It Learn It.

LILI 6th graders learn to build a geodesic dome.

In today’s post, we hear from Caitlin Miller. Caitlin is the Senior Educator for P-12 Programming at the National Building Museum. She has been at the Museum for seven years. 

LILI: What is your favorite place in DC? 

Caitlin: The landscape and gardens around the Washington National Cathedral. I walk there as often as I can. It’s very peaceful and the fireflies in early summer are sublime.

LILI: Tell us about your experience working with LILI and its groups.

Caitlin: Live It Learn It as an organization, and every staff member individually, inspire me with their commitment to all the students in the District. The students who visit our Museum with LILI are prepared to enjoy and participate fully in their field trips, which makes for a great experience for everyone.

LILI: What are some tips you can offer teachers who want to plan a visit to your

LILI students take in the beauty of the National Building Museum.


Caitlin: If you have any questions, ask! We’re always happy to help you feel prepared before you arrive at the Museum. It makes everyone feel more confident when we’ve had a chance to address any concerns before the students arrive.

LILI: What is your favorite object or exhibit at the National Building Museum? Why?

Caitlin: My favorite object at our site is actually our amazing historic building. The building itself is our best teaching tool. You can read more about the building on the website.

LILI: How did you become a museum educator?

A geodesic dome completed by LILI students.

Caitlin: Museum education was a way for me to marry my many passions: history, telling stories, teaching others, and making things.

LILI: What is something you love about Washington, DC? 

Caitlin: My favorite thing about Washington, DC is the people. There are so many people in this city trying to solve problems and make things better for themselves and others. It’s really inspiring to be around heartfelt change-makers.

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